A unique investment fund that focuses exclusively on

high-quality, sustainable new homes for the rental market.


A unique investment fund that focuses exclusively on

high-quality, sustainable new homes for the rental market.


Greenmile Sustainable Housing Fund is a private investment fund with FIIS/CFPF status (specialised real estate investment fund), which focuses on Belgian residential new construction properties intended for the rental market. Within this fund, investors enjoy safe, stable and optimal returns through a combination of rental income, capital gains and maximum bank leverage. The fund’s portfolio consists exclusively of new buildings, mainly houses and flats that have recently been completed or are yet to be finished.

Focus on rental market

The residential real estate market in Belgium, historically a buyer's market, has been evolving into a rental market over the past couple of years.

Acquiring a property of your own is no longer a priority for everyone. The pursuit of flexibility in living and working situations is leading to an ever-increasing demand for quality rental housing. The current supply on the rental market consists largely of outdated buildings that do not meet current standards of comfort and sustainability. Greenmile Sustainable Housing therefore meets the market demand for high-quality, sustainable and energy-efficient new homes and flats.


The European economy is in rapid transition to a greener, lower carbon and less polluting economic model. The Belgian government has signed up to the European Union's “green deal” which aims to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The greening of the housing market is an important part of this and leads to increasingly stringent energy and sustainability requirements. In order to meet the strictest requirements, Greenmile Sustainable Housing only invests in new buildings. To ensure that the property portfolio continues to meet increasingly stringent standards, houses and flats will be sold after an average period of five years, after which new investments will be made in new construction.

Affordable new homes

Greenmile Sustainable Housing Fund invests specifically in rental houses and flats in the middle segment of the housing market. Flats of ± 90 m² and compact houses of 120 to 140 m² with 2 to 3 bedrooms, a storage space, parking space or garage and terrace or garden best meet the demands of the current rental market. These properties are also an ideal product for resale with added value.

Fund with expertise in real estate

The complexity of the real estate market requires know-how and expertise in various fields. The management team combines the necessary knowledge and experience in the legal, financial and technical fields.

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Investing inGreenmile Sustainable Housing Fund

Greenmile Sustainable Housing offers professional and/or institutional investors an interesting investment in newly built residential property, whereby the investor is relieved of all aspects of technical, financial and legal management.