License to Construct BV invests in real estate in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg. We have years of experience in the acquisition, leasing & (re)development of residential, industrial and office property. We also regularly invest in non-typical real estate: petrol stations, hotels and parking spaces. Since 2021, we have also expanded our investment strategy to include investment funds, with Greenmile Sustainable Housing being our first investment in this segment. Unlike some other players in the market, we invest for the long run.

Stadim brings you well over 25 years of experience as a trend-setting and independent real estate consultancy. Stadim works independently and is recognized by all of Belgium’s banks. Their valuations are carried out in accordance with the RICS Valuation – Global Standards guidelines as well as those of the 2021 International Valuation Standards (IVS). They are recognized by Vlabel (Flemish Taxation Service) and comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We are recognized surveyors with LAN number 141608.

Lydian is a full-service Belgian business law firm with an Anglo-Saxon approach to practising law. Through a fine blend of transactional law expertise and litigation skills, we deliver straight to-the-point solutions that add true value. The real estate team of 25 lawyers has a longstanding and proven knowledge of the real estate sector and is fully aware of the interests of all participants in the real estate market. This is proven by our involvement in a large spectrum of innovative and high-profile projects. Teamleader is partner Wouter Neven who has a solid experience in litigation with respect to real estate and construction issues. Wouter and his practice are recommended in legal directories such as Chambers and Legal 500.

Watson bv

As a build-to-rent specialist and experienced lessor of large real estate portfolios, Watson bv Estate works exclusively with professional parties such as institutional investment funds, developers, contractors and corporations. They provide input based on their own rental experience, but also think about environmentally friendly housing solutions at the design stage of future housing projects. In addition, the entire rental administration runs completely digitally, which ensures a smooth transfer and high level of rental.

WIN Admin is the expert in the administration of Specialised Real Estate Investment Funds (FIIS/GVBF) and other non-public Alternative Collective Investment Institutions (AICB/OPCA) such as Privaks. The administrative management of a FISS/GVBF is complex. WIN Admin knows the ropes and administers several FIIS/GVBF. We ensure the successful set-up of your own FIIS/GVBF and can also assist you in managing your own FIIS/GVBF by providing in-depth investment analyses. Entrusting your fund administration to WIN Admin means choosing total care.